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Christmas Story-149
Christmas Story-256
Christmas Story-2079
Christmas Story-3271
Christmas Story-2101
Christmas Story-3407
Christmas Story-1713
Christmas Story-1943
Christmas Story-1930
Christmas Story-2058
Christmas Story-3111
Christmas Story-2038
Christmas Story-3041
Christmas Story-2982
Christmas Story-3090
Christmas Story-2934
Christmas Story-1393
Christmas Story-1468
Christmas Story-1379
Christmas Story-3169
Christmas Story-1398
Christmas Story-1624
Christmas Story-1081
Christmas Story-2849
Christmas Story-1673
Christmas Story-1262
Christmas Story-1336
Christmas Story-1317
Christmas Story-1312
Christmas Story-1290
Christmas Story-657
Christmas Story-683
Christmas Story-701
Christmas Story-799
Christmas Story-2721
Christmas Story-947
Christmas Story-289
Christmas Story-814
Christmas Story-298
Christmas Story-505
Christmas Story-2500
Christmas Story-2594
Christmas Story-607
Christmas Story-547
Christmas Story-29
Christmas Story-96
Christmas Story-145


Virginia Repertory Theatre

Directed by Chase Kniffen

Choreography by Nicole Oberleitner

Music Direction by Ben Miller

Designers: Brian C. Barker (Scenic Design), Jeanne Nugent  (Costume Design), Joe Doran (Lighting Design), Derek Dumais (Sound Design)

Photo by Aaron Sutten

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