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"Chase Kniffen is a director who knows just what to do with a talented ensemble, and he plays up the whimsical, fantasy elements of each scene...In short, this production, much like Mary Poppins herself, is 'practically perfect in every way.'"

-Claire Boswell, Style Weekly

"Director Chase Kniffen has done an outstanding job of putting together an extremely talented cast that exemplifies the show’s hopeful message of love and family. His collaborative directing style showcases the actors’ strengths and talents."

-Joan Tupponce, Richmond Family Magazine

"Outstanding...the most fun I’ve had in a theater in a long time...'Mary Poppins' is a fun and poignant affair for everyone....Chase Kniffen’s masterful direction..."

-Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times-Dispatch



"In addition to Chase Kniffen's virtuoso direction, he's immersed theatergoers in 360-degree action by placing audience members on the stage and actors in the audience...the staging is often brilliant."

-Jerry Williams, Richmond Magazine

"Under the sensitive and adept direction of Chase Kniffen, 'Fun Home' moves fluidly among stages of life and intense and touching theatrical experience..."

-Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"FUN HOME looks and sounds great, and has many, many moments of brilliance. "

-Jeremy Bustin, BroadwayWorld



"Chase Kniffen pumps the show full of exuberance...beautiful and endearing...a wonder to behold."

-Tony Farrell, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"...a moving musical journey worth taking...Chase Kniffen created compelling action...and kept it simple."

-Jerry Williams, SIFTER

"it’s lovely from top to bottom...with Chase Kniffen’s direction and an amazing, versatile ensemble, it’s well worth going along for the ride."

-Claire Boswell, Style Weekly



"Virginia Repertory Theatre’s 'A Christmas Story, The Musical,' a witty, joyful and infectious take on Ralphie’s tale that re-energizes — and far outshines — the 1983 Warner Bros. film we have cherished for so long. Directed with vigor by Chase Kniffen...does what musicals do best..."

-Tony Farrell, Richmond Times-Dispatch


"...satisfying, feel-good musical theater...Chase Kniffen’s greatest strength as a director may be his ability to empower these young actors to not only take center stage, but also own it."

-Claire Boswell, Style Weekly

"One of director Chase Kniffen’s strongest skills is bringing out the best from kids and it’s one of the best assets of this production."

-Jerry Williams, SIFTER


"It’s dynamic. It’s energetic. It’s a powerhouse of talent, and a must-see this summer."

-Richmond Family Magazine


"Visual dazzle and vocal power... sure to electrify and entertain!"

-Jerry Williams, SIFTER



"If there was any doubt that local companies can turn out Broadway-caliber work, this production should put those doubts to rest with some finality...Virginia Rep's "The Color Purple" truly is a show that sets a new standard for excellence. It's theater at its best."

-David Timberline, Style Weekly


"The Color Purple is a convergence of some of Richmond's finest performers and creative collaborators, and is as close to a Broadway performance as it gets...Director Chase Kniffen pulls out all the stops to bring the unforgettable characters in Alice Walker's soul-stirring novel to life."

-Jeremy Bustin, BroadwayWorld

"Director Chase Kniffen has guided this massive cast with superb staging and genuine emotion. This glorious, rousing, moving musical is theatre at its best. DO NOT MISS IT!"

-Jerry Williams, SIFTER



"This soaring, surprising, sometimes gut-wrenching show is getting a bravura staging under the Cadence Theatre Company banner, the company working in partnership with Virginia Repertory Theatre and enlisting accomplished director Chase Kniffen to deliver a powerhouse production."

-David Timberline, Style Weekly




"Beautifully produced! A dynamic and delightful night of entertainment"

– Richmond Times-Dispatch


"Electrifying! Every bit as goose-bump-inducing as you'd want"



"Chase Kniffen has carefully shepherded this production to the stage, bringing a keen focus to the first offering by the newly minted Virginia Repertory Theatre company.


Kniffen reinforces the universality of the story by projecting MTV-like videos of the actors in modern garb on a monumental screen that stretches to the rafters at center stage..."

-David Timberline, Style Weekly



"It's a big, flashy production...the nonstop direction by Chase Kniffen leaves no room for dull moments or down time."

-Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times-Dispatch


"Director Chase Kniffen has kept up the momentum in this fast-paced production, bringing the same expertise he showed in last year's "Sound of Music."

-Rich Griset, Style Weekly


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